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Small and big companies.

Get very high speed equivalent to that of fiber even in rural or peri-urban areas.
Sending heavy files like maps, photos, all faster.
Sharing the same employee connection possible.
More efficient and often cheaper connection.
La NASBOX® PRO installed with one of the external antennas thus allowing to enjoy a more stable and powerful internet even in white areas.

Broadband for : SMEs, SMIs, large companies, farmers / winegrowers, guest houses / self-catering, self-employed, and artisans.

The NASBOX® is a real internet link just like an x-DSL or fiber link.
It allows multiple companies to obtain very high speed and is a real contributor to the performance of your company. Get very high speed even in rural or peri-urban areas.
Thanks to the NASBOX® broadband you can streamline your activity : messaging, web consulting, use of saas applications…

You realize efficiently: sending heavy files like documents, files, photos, and videos in record time. The NASBOX® pro is compatible with all IT tools existing in all companies. The system NASBOX® is implemented on your current network architecture. Our technicians will support you in setting up your new powerful internet box and configuring your internal networks.
La NASBOX® vient en remplacement ou en complément de votre Box internet actuelle - et même est utilisée par certains comme une sécurité pour assurer une connexion internet dans tous cas.

The WIFI solution of a MIMO antenna operating in two frequency bands, which makes it possible to achieve a transmission speed of 300 Mbps for the 2.4 GHz frequency and 867 Mbps for the 5 GHz frequency. The products in the WIFI range allow users using the same network in large numbers simultaneously to obtain a high quality connection.

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High-speed Internet

WiFi and Ethernet connectivity RJ45
(to connect to your intranet)
Compatible for 40 users
(for more users consult us)
Debits up to 150Mbit/s
French manufacturing and support
Reliability and durability of components
electronics (industrial electronics)
Possible maintenance and logistics option
scalable with your needs
Backup solution for wired infrastructure
(solution independent of the wired network)

Without changing your installation, think of Booster Mode

Boost your current flow !

And finally enjoy a powerful internet connection. Are you experiencing problems with your current installation?
Don't change anything, just add a NASBOX® in addition to boost your connection
and achieve fiber equivalent flow rates.



Your downloads
our internet browsing
Your server synchronizations
Your remote access
Using SaaS software
Sending / receiving attachments


Test your eligibility for NASBOX®

Test your mailing address

NASBOX® also offers optional more antennas, indoor and outdoor WiFi relays, TV boxes, and telephony for individuals and professionals.

Additional Options

Installation - Testimonials


A tailor-made installation carried out by our technicians. Individuals & Companies



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New Aircraft Solution

internet haut débit


New Aircraft Solution

internet haut débit


New Aircraft Solution